Petwink Terms & Privacy Policy

Last update: 22 January 2014


Welcome to Petwink! We are a social network service for all those who love pets.

This Terms and Privacy Policy describes how and when we (Petwink) collect your information and what we do with it, as well as how the Petwink App ("App") can and cannot be used. This policy applies to all Users, Visitors, and others who access the Petwink service. By creating a Petwink account, you are consenting to abide by this Terms and Privacy Policy. In general, content that you post will be viewable by other users and third party services so please only post content that you are comfortable with sharing.

If you ever have specific questions about these terms or your privacy, please contact us at

Information we Collect and Store

When creating an account, we require several pieces of personal information such as your email, birth date and gender. We also give you the chance to enter additional information such as a bio, hobbies and interest. Once your account is established, you can visit your profile to update your information. Occasionally, we might ask additional questions for security reasons.

We will collect data based on your use of Petwink such as the pages visited so that we can deliver a better user experience to you.

Info we Share with Third Parties

We will share some pieces of your information with third party advertisers so they can deliver more personalized content to you. We will never sell or share your email address with a third party.

Your content might also be seen by other users who are searching for you or content that might be contained in post and/or pictures on your account, or users requesting to become your friend.

How we Use Your Information

We use your information to deliver a personalized experience to you, aid in marketing and advertising, test new features, assemble metrics on site usage, and diagnose technical issues you might experience.

How we Share Information

We may share your non-personal and non-private information in aggregated form. We will also share information when required to do so by a court of law or authorized government agency. If we become aware of illegal or illicit activity being conducted through the use of Petwink (ex. animal cruelty, puppy mills, etc.) we will share that information with the proper authorities.

Viewing, Changing, and Removing your Information

Once your account is established, you may view, edit or remove data from your personal or pet profile. Please note some information is required and cannot be removed.

If you wish to discontinue use of Petwink, you can delete your account. Deleted accounts will have all information purged from our databases within 30 days of account deletion.

How we Protect your Information

We use commercially recognized tools such as firewalls and encryption to ensure your information is secure. Please help us by creating a strong password and not sharing it with others. Also, remember to use common sense when posting personal information on any online source.

Storing and Processing your Information

Information collected by Petwink will be stored or processed on systems maintained by Petwink, Affiliates, or Service Providers.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

All content of this App is the property of Petwink (Fallen Silo, LLC), its affiliates, or third party services and protected under United States and International copyright laws. Any content submitted by a user is their property and will not be used by Petwink without consent from the owner.

DO NOT post anything to Petwink that you believe to be the copyrighted property of someone else. Should a legal matter arise resulting from you posting copyrighted material to Petwink, you agree to hold harmless Petwink (Fallen Silo, LLC), and any and all of its affiliates and third party services of any legal or punitive injunctions and/or damages.

If you believe content posted to Petwink infringes on a copyright held by you, please contact us at so we can address the matter.

Prohibited Content

Although we find it common sense, it is necessary to disclose examples of how Petwink should NOT be used. Please keep in mind, this is not an exhaustive list, and Petwink holds in its sole discretion the right to delete any content it finds inappropriate or harmful to the spirit of Petwink. If you are detected performing any activity that Petwink (Fallen Silo, LLC) finds to be harmful to the App, users of the App, affiliates or third party services, we will deactivate and delete your account.

Do not post pornographic or provocative photos of you or any one else.

Do not post content that is vulgar.

Do not post content that is racially, ethnically, or sexually derogatory.

Do not threaten anyone (pets included, of course).

Do not harass anyone (pets included, of course).

Do not use the App to spy on people, or to try and impersonate others.

Do not use the App to commit a crime or break a law or regulation.

Do not use the App to try and introduce a virus or other harmful code onto others devices.

Do not use the App to gather other users personally identifiable information.

Do not post any advertisements or promote products or services or engage in marketing campaigns using the App. (Please contact us at if you would like to advertise a product or service on Petwink)

Products and/or Services acquired through Petwink

Petwink (Fallen Silo, LLC) will not be held responsible for any damages done to users, animals, or property which result from the use of products or services advertised or promoted on Petwink. While we will always try and make sure everyone who advertises a product and/or service on the App is a reputable provider, it is up to you to use good judgement on the products and/or services you use for your self and your pet. Petwink does not make warranty on, or guarantee, any third party products and/or services.


Petwink does not allow users below the age of 13. If we learn of users below the age of 13, we will immediately disable and delete the account. We highly encourage parents of minors over the age of 13 to monitor their children’s online activity and teach them the proper uses of the internet. If you are a parent or legal guardian and suspect your minor has a Petwink account, you can request the account be disabled by writing to us at


This Terms and Privacy Policy shall be governed and interpreted pursuant to the laws of the State of Alabama, United States of America, notwithstanding any principles of conflicts of law.

Changes to this Terms and Privacy Policy

From time to time, we will revise this policy as needed. When we do, this page will be updated and the "most recent revision" date will reflect when these changes were made. Please check this page from time to time to stay up to date on the Terms and Privacy Policy. If we consider a change to this policy substantial, we reserve the right to use the email on file to notify you of the changes.


If any part of this Terms and Privacy Policy is held to be unlawful, void, or unenforceable, that part will be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.


Petwink takes all reasonable measures to ensure your privacy is maintained while using our service. However, we do not have control of other sites and services. Always guard your information and only grant access to your content if you are sure the party is trustworthy.

If you have any questions about any part of this agreement, please contact us at

Thank you for joining the Petwink Family.